Life with my coffee – catch up

Well hello, it has been quite some time so I thought we should catch up.

Life with my coffee is a blend of all the niche blogs everyone said “you” had to have way back when I started blogging way back in mid 2000’s.

Back then everyone said for each thing you want to blog about you should have a separate place for that. I couldn’t figure out why but back then I thought I would get more traffic trying to keep all areas of my life separate. But what actually happened is that I fell off the wagon time and time again trying to keep up with updating them all, keeping sponsors happy and trying to come up with content to make the readers happy.

So enter 2017 when I started life with my coffee, I tried really hard to keep it another niche platform, but soon realized that it is best to compile everything in life in one place.

2018 I let it go once again because I felt it was a dying form no one wanted to read blogs any more. But I kept feeling like something was missing.

Enter summer 2019, while I have a pretty successful career, and I enjoy so much more things now than I have in the past 10 years of blogging I felt it was time to unleash the blogging dragon once again.

Welcome to the revamped life with my coffee blog. We talk about it all here, from books to reviews to camping and hiking to what ever may be on my mind.

I am a married lesbian with a pre teen daughter and I am excited to share a glimpse in to our lives. I will not sugar coat it a whole lot I will keep it as real as possible.

Best wishes on your day!

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