The Kayaking Adventure of Doom!


Did you know I was a lifeguard back in the day? You would not have guessed that if you were the family fishing on the dock watching me kayak.

I have never been a person that is up for complete adventure. I like adventures but safe adventures and ones that include a little structure.

I am also a person with anxiety. I know it has to be genetics as both of my parents have a part of it, and I have passed some of it down to my daughter.

I am afraid of the unknown, as well as losing control. This is just who I am. So doing this was rough on me because I didn’t know how to paddle, didn’t know what would happen once I was out in the water and didn’t know how to get back.

With some coaching and after spinning around and learning I could control it.. I may try this again. The fear of the unknown still lingers in my head but I know I will be ok.

Wanna see the video of me freaking out?? Ok they missed the good part where I tried to jump out of the kayak and started screaming like a crazy person.. * oh the good people fishing on the dock had a show* But check it out!

Thanks to my daughter and my wife for letting me know I’ll be ok.. and thanks to the dock people for not laughing.. haha!

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