A Saturday that I don’t want to remember.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Have you ever just sat around in your under ware because you had no ambition and didn’t have the mental stability to decide what you wanted to wear for the day.

This has happened to me, today. Yes, I sat here because I couldn’t handle deciding one more thing in life. It was rough enough deciding what to eat. I have to shout out to my family though today I didn’t have to do too much thinking on that. I also didn’t have to think too much on what I wanted to watch on tv. Sometimes when this hole tries to open and suck me in I play with my mind in different forms. Today I watched some new shows on Netflix.

I am starting to take my mental health and physical health seriously. I volunteered for an event and this event took me out for more than one day mentally and physically. This is not acceptable. I need to learn to recover quicker and bring on the happiness myself.

I plan on doing Yoga more often, maybe even getting a teaching license for it sometime soon.

I also want to learn more about energy and controlling that energy.

I want to become more adventurous and I want to learn more. My career leaves me open to do so many amazing things. I am excited to figure out what the next adventure is going to be.

Please stay tuned these adventures are starting with my coffee adventures. Starting Mondays we will kick off coffee shop stops. 🙂 you can share a coffee with me in all these wonderful shops!

Stay on this journey with all my ups and downs and in betweens

Best of love,


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