Basecamp Coffee – Sister Bay Wisconsin

Taking a trip here wasn’t to bad on the out skirts of sister Bay is a church and below the church is a quaint little coffee shop.

This coffee shop seems to be a little like a Basecamp at the edge of a large mountain hike.

This image has a boat and a paddle board the store had other little quirks and cute things I love that it used space in a church that wasn’t being used.

The tables had cute little decorations that were made by local artists. Which is awesome that the shop shares art from the community. 

The coffee is a coffee. It didn’t stand out. It did the job. No extra flavors but it wasn’t bitter and it wasn’t acidy for a coffee. With 3 shots of espresso things can start to get a little rough so yes this is important to me.

I give this shop a 3 out of 5 stars. I love the atmosphere, I enjoyed the coffee enough. It didn’t rock my socks but it was good to enjoy a morning cup of coffee and relax for a little bit.

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