Coffee and Burnt Sausage

Coffee, Leaves, and Doughnut

Day 1

Today started off like no other. Ahh who am I kidding, I am not one of those types of writers. Today my daughter stepped in once again to make breakfast. I am actually loving that she is starting to feel more confident around the stove. She sometimes suffers from anxiety like I do. Sadly I do believe this is one of those traits that is handed down from one to another.

She made sausage for the first time, while she has made eggs before her first attempt at sausage left them a little crispy. She asked if she should throw them away. I told her no I will still eat them. One to help her with her pride, but two to let her know that you don’t have to throw away all mistakes.

Some mistakes you are able to keep and keep going. While this may have took me years to figure out, helping her get her spirit going and learning to cook makes me so happy.

Do you remember the first thing you learned to cook?

Do you remember where you learned to cook that first meal?

These things we almost never forget.

Happy Day all!

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