Discourse Coffee – Sister Bay Wisconsin

Imagine it Sicily 1912….

Ok, I am kidding! It was October, 2019 and I stopped in to have a cup of coffee. My usual, a Carmel or Vanilla Latte depending on where I am at, this place seemed like it would have a Carmel latte so I requested it. They didn’t have Carmel. So I ordered a Vanilla Latte and something called a Moonwater.

After ordering these drinks I had a chat with the barista and he explained the magic that they do here. This place is like none other that I’ve been too! Chemistry and building and growing flavors beyond your wildest imagination.

This place is so far my favorite for a flavorful, hand crafted, experience. This isn’t just wake you up coffee this is an adventure.

While this place is tucked a little away in a shopping area that has all but seemed to be abandoned. This is a real treat!

My suggestion here, go experience something new.. but don’t expect to come here for your venti chi skim milk latte.

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