Realty Wives Introduction

What is Realty Wives? Let us introduce it to you!

Realty Wives is the idea of my wife and I, we are a lesbian real estate team. Currently Jenni Welch is the licensed REALTOR® currently studying for her brokers license. Nicole is an assistant, currently studying for her real estate license.

This is an adventure we have both been thinking of taking on for a few years, and now we have a formula of how it could and will work out.

There are other amazing wives out there that are on teams. And while Realty Wives in it’s current state is just a Wife & Wife team, who knows what the future holds. All I can say it’s vision is just not one sided.

We are excited to announce this adventure and see where this path goes in the future! Stay tuned for extra updates on all we are putting together with this!

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A little background : Jenni is a licensed agent, she has been licensed since 2018 doing over 2 million in sales in the last 24 months. She is an active supporter and voice in the lgbtq+ community, helping LGBTQ+ & POC in hero careers find a way to call a place home. When Jenni is not running around showing houses, she enjoys Traveling, Camping, Hiking and reading in her Hammock.

Nicole is currently learning to become a real estate assistant while getting her real estate license. She enjoys Fishing and Traveling.

Realty Wives has a unknown helper as well… Aaron is our behind the scenes helper who makes sure we stop to take a break every now and then.

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